High-intensity interval training (HIIT), also called high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE) or sprint interval training (SIT), is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, until too exhausted to …


Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT Can Burn a Lot of Calories in a Short Amount of Time. …

Your Metabolic Rate Is Higher for Hours After Exercise. …

It Can Help You Lose Fat. …

You Will Gain Muscle Using HIIT. …

HIIT Can Improve Oxygen Consumption. …

Can Reduce Heart Rate and Blood Pressure. …Blood Sugar Can Be Reduced by HIIT. …


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My Hel’s Angels Journey Exercise and I have never really seen eye-to-eye. I wasn’t good at sport at school, so eventually stopped taking part. Years later I joined a gym, because that is what you are “supposed” to do. I went now and then, but didn’t notice any difference. When it came to food, I ate what I wanted. As you can imagine, by the time my second child turned two, I was overweight and felt like the most unfit person in the world. I hated the way I looked and felt. A friend of mine took part in Hel’s Angels a while back. We never really spoke about it, but I remember watching her body transform into something amazing. When I saw the posts on Facebook advertising the next challenge, I found myself saying, “I really should do this”. I knew I had to do something. For days I put it off. Three days before the challenge was due to start, I plucked up the courage to sign up. At my initial weigh-in, I was faced with the hard truth. There was no sugar-coating the fact that my visceral fat was so high that I was a ticking time-bomb with serious health risks. As awful as that day was, that was my turning point. I was 100% in – for me, my kids and my husband. The next day, I stepped into my first Hel’s Angels class. I was nervous and had no idea what to expect, but, within minutes, I had an angel beside me helping me to find a spot and set up my station. To be honest, I do not know how I made it through that class. Helen’s routine is tough and my face was as red as a tomato when I was done. But, somehow, I had made it through the class! I was exhausted and every muscle in my body ached. But, do you know what? I wasn’t alone. There were many other red faces and girls whose muscles were aching too. The next morning, I was back in class. And so it was for the next 12 weeks. It was never easy, but then again, no one had said it would be. Waking up before 5 AM was a challenge in itself; and then there was Helen, who does not accept anything less than 100%. Despite this, I never regretted making the effort to show up for class. The motivation and encouragement within the group was phenomenal. From someone to laugh with, a shoulder to cry on, or words of encouragement in our WhatsApp group, to eye contact and a friendly smile across the aerobics hall. These were the things that kept me going. Before long, I started to feel my body getting stronger and my clothes getting looser. I was able to increase the height of my step and was lifting heavier weights. I was making friends and the classes were turning out to be rather fun – something I never imagined I’d say. My energy levels were increasing; I was gaining self-confidence; and, for the first time in years, I was beginning to feel truly alive. 90 days later, I completed by first Hel’s Angels challenge, having lost 9 kg, 7% body fat and my visceral fat dropped from 18 to 13. I am so thankful to Helen for her commitment, hard work and for how she puts every angel’s needs above her own. Helen, you are amazing! I am also thankful to every angel for the motivation and for inspiring me to keep going. I would have never done this on my own. Hel’s Angels has been a truly life-changing experience. Only 3 months ago, a 5K was taking me close to an hour. This past weekend, I completed my first Parkrun in 42 minutes. I would recommend this challenge to anyone who wants to lose weight or get fit, or both. C11 may be over, but my journey does not end here. I cannot wait to be back for C12.
Lauren Arthur
On the 21st of January, my friend Robyn told me to join her and register to become a Hel's Angel. I wanted to do something for myself, I felt insecure about my weight and just needed a little boost in my life. I have an almost 2 years old, unfortunately when I had my birth control put in after having him, I gained 35kgs in 2 months. It absolutely killed my spirits. I started Hel's Angels and it was the best thing I could ever have done. My confidence has gotten so much better, I have not just made friends, I have a Hel's Angels family! The pictures I saw of my two instructors Ilse and Chantal's, before and afters inspired me even more. They both just completed the corporate iron man, two incredible people! The owner Helen is absolutely Incredible, she is a walking Angel. She does 3 classes a day and still drills us and does everything that we do. I won't lie, there were days I didn't want to go at all, my friend Robyn pushed me and visa versa, the eating killed me for the first few weeks, my legs were sore, actually everything hurt. But once we were in class we didn't want it to end, the positive vibes and energy is amazing in that room, everyone is working at the same goal and the motivation is incredible. When I saw my Visceral Fat I was committed 100% to become the biggest looser and I worked so hard at it. My visceral fat was at a Level 20 (not healthy at all!)now it is at a level 10. My weight was 97.7 and now I am 79.5 (18.2Kgs down) and my Body Mass went down by 24 and body fat % Went down 11%. This has changed my confidence and the way I live my everyday life. Thank you Helen, Robyn, Ilse, Chantal and of course my fellow angels! I would recommend this program to everyone out there, if you want to loose weight or gain muscle (Tone) this program is for everyone! Thank you Helen for helping me obtain an amazing outcome!
Sarah Krebser
SAMANTHA EKSTEEN wrote: The bottom row of pics was before my 1st Challenge in Sept 2018. The 2nd row was taken today. And you have shown me that a scale is not all a person must look at. I weigh the same, but these pictures show such a difference in my body. I feel stronger, my clothes fit better and those 2 alone are amazing!! Have been exercising for years and you teach me new things each week. Thank you for your drive, motivation and love that you put into this🤗I will be there for the next and last one for 2019. And many more to come💪Cannot wait!! Thank you again🤗💓
Samantha Eksteen




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